I’d love to tell you I was a fully-fledged human rights professional, but I’m not… (yet!). In fact, I started out in financial services in London – pretty ethical, I hear you cry. I was consumed by money and alcohol and whilst I had plenty of both, there was something missing. I wanted to become part of something that would develop social rights and create a positive social impact.

I joined the UK’s leading Youth Charity to support those from disadvantaged backgrounds. At the same time, I also joined as a voluntary committee member at a local Homeless Charity. It was eye opening stuff. Just like that, my life began to find purpose and meaning.

So, here I am. I’ve just resigned from full time employment and a stable, if modest, income, to travel halfway across the world to volunteer with those in need. When I return I will be consolidating and applying my experiences in an International Human Rights Law Masters. My master plan is too generate hope and confidence and to achieve a reduction in suffering and injustice. Aim high, right?

Here’s to following your heart.